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Q  What should I wear?

A  Wear clean, comfortable, form-fitting clothing that will allow you to move freely (baggy t- shirts and shorts may get in the way during inverted postures such as Downward Dog). Yoga is practiced barefoot, so please remove your shoes upon entering the studio.  


Q  What should I bring?

A  You will need a yoga mat.  Bring your own, or rent or buy one from us. Towels and water are also recommended; both can be purchased, and towels can be rented here. 


Q  How often should I practice?

A  Baron Baptiste recommends practicing three times a week for good results, five to six times for life-changing ones.  We recommend you use your intuition to incorporate your yoga practice into your life as you see fit.


Q  What else should I know?

A  Keep the following in mind:-

Drink plenty of water before and after class.

Avoid wearing strong fragrances or perfumes.

Please silence cell phones or leave them outside the studio.  

If, for any reason, including pregnancy or injury, you are not sure if you should practice, please consult your physician.  

Please do not bring valuables into the studio.  Leave them at home or in your car…we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Bring an open mind and leave your expectations at the door.  Namaste!










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